I dig your ditches, I'm labor;
I man your switches, I'm labor,
I teach your kids and make your shoes
I sew your pants and write your news,
With brain and brawn, with nerve and
I'm labor. (All - He's labor.)
I'm common folks, I'm labor;
I'm always broke, I'm labor.
I run your malls in rain and snow,
I clear the tracks, so the trains
  can go,
But someone else gets all the dough,
I'm labor. (All - He's labor.)

I have no say, I'm labor;
I just obey, I'm labor.
I slaved through years of hate and
And spilled my own and my brothers'
But did I know what the shootin'
  was for?
I'm labor. (All - He's labor.)
I'm starved and kicked, I'm labor.
I'm always licked, I'm labor.
When I ply my needle, trowel or pick,
I'm a decent sheeny, wop or mick,
But when I strike, I'm a Bolshevik,
I'm labor. (All - He's labor.)

I don't get tired, I'm labor.
Or else I'm fired, I'm labor.
From birth to death my life is spent,
In hovel, shack or tenement,
But still some landlord gets the
I'm labor. (All - He's labor.)
I'm very humble, I'm labor.
I never grumble. I'm labor.
In summer heat or winter gale,
I pack a load or swing a flail,
But someone else rakes in the kale,
I'm labor. (All - He's labor.)

I fight your fires, I'm labor.
I cleanse your mires, I'm labor.
Your towers that top the mountain
Your teeming East, your bounteous
I wrought them, I the dispossessed,
I'm labor. (All - He's labor.)


I drill your sewers, I'm labor.
I plow your moors, I'm labor.
On earth, in mine, on sea, in sky,
I swarm and toil and fight and die,
But capital takes the risks, not I,
I'm labor. (All - He's labor.)

I've no ambition, I'm labor.
As politician, I'm labor.
I follow still the good old plan,
I'm a Democrat or Republican.
But a Socialist is a bogey man,
I'm labor. (All- He's labor.)
I'm strong as a steer, I'm labor,
But weak up here, I'm labor.
I always vote for friends you see
With friends like Frank or Al agree,
But will I ever vote for me?
I'm labor. (All - He's labor.)

At last I'm waking, I'm labor.
My chains I'm breaking, I'm labor.
No more to wealth and name I'll cower,
But rise, unite and use my power,
I'm labor. (All - He's labor.)
I'm done with hoping, I'm labor.
With waiting, groping, I'm labor.
I'll put to work the boss and drone,
No more they'll reap what I have sown.
I'll come at last into my own,
I'm labor. (All - He's labor.)


(T.N.U.A. song; 4 part round)

Are you sleeping?
Are you sleeping?
Brother John, Brother John?
Up and join the union,
Up and join the union,
C.I.O. C.I.O.

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