SKIT ON THE 20TH PARTY CONGRESS
          (Tune: Wandering)

My daddy was a wobbly,
My brother followed Debs,
My sister writes for Sweezy
And the baby's in the Libs
And it looks like I'm never going to
cease my wondering.

I've done a lot of wondering,
Early and late,
On the left opposition
And how Gorki met his fate
And it looks like I'm never going to
cease my wondering.

I've listened to Cochranites,
I've listened to Howe
And all I've got to show for it
Are the wrinkles on my brow
And it looks like I'm never going to
cease my wondering.


  (Tune: Fugue for Tin Horns) 

Harrison Sirloin:

I got the new top man--
His name is Mikoyan,
Because his great grandfather
Was Ghengis Khan.
Mikoyan's no one's hack
I say that that's a fack
And here's the proof right here
In the Zodiac.

REFRAIN:  (sung in background as
   other verses are sung)
He'll take
The stake.
The stars say he'll take the stake.
If stars say he'll take the stake,
He'll take
The cake.

God Willin':

Ya gotta listen Jack--
I say Malenkov's back.
I had a dream last night
He's got the knack.

I got a speech he wrote
That calls Khrushchev a goat;
If ya look real hard
In the Pravda quote,

He'll win.
He's in.
My dream says Malenkov's in,
If my dream says Malenkov's in,
He's in
Like Flynn.

Boris Pennyaevsky:

Now, boys, I've got a fin
That says that Zhukov's in,
Because his long lost brother
Is Bulganin.
He's gonna take it all
And watch his brother fall.
I got the dope right here
In my crystal ball.

All:  I got the new top man.


I woke up in the Kremlin
Feeling kinda mean
Thought I'd have the worst purge
That the world had ever seen.

Because I'm evil -
Evil hearted me.
I'm just downright evil
Evil as a man can be.

You thought I had a reason
For shaking Hitler's mitts.
Just did it 'cause I wanted -
I'm a paranoic schiz!


When Khrushchev on the firing line
Called on me,
Had guns but didn't send them.
I'm an S.O.B.


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