The Socialist



 Are You Sleeping?
 Avanti Popolo
 Banker and Boss
 Black 'N White
 Boom Went the Boom
 Bread and Roses
 Casey Jones
 Christians at War
 CIO's in Dixie
 Come, Rally Youth
 Commonwealth of Toil, The
 Cudgel Song, The
 Die Moorsoldaten
 Dressmaker's Victory Song
 Dump the Bosses Off Your Back
 Four Insurgent Generals, The
 Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
 Give-Away Boys in Washington
 God Bless Free Enterprise
 Gonna Roll
 Great Day
 Hallelujah, I'm A Bum
 Hand with the Hammer, The
 Hans Beimler
 Hark the Battle Cry Is Ringing
 Hey, Zhankoye
 Hold the Fort
 I'm Labor
 International, The
 Joe Hill
 Joe McCarthy's Band
 Johnny, I Hardly Knew You
 Kevin Barry
 La Marseillaise
 Let My People Go
 Long Haired Preachers
 Los Cuatro Generales
 March of the Hungry Men, The
 March On
 Men of the Soil
 Men of Toil
 Might Was Right
 Mill Was Made of Marble, The
 Money Pay-triots
 More We Stick Together, The
 Mr. Block
 No More Auction Block
 No More Sweatshops
 No More War
 Not One Cent
 Oath, The
 Oh, No John
 On the Picket Line
 On Top of the Waldorf
 Over All the Lands
 Over There
 Paint 'Er Red
 Partisan's Song
 Peat Bog Soldiers, The
 Please, Mr. Boss
 Popular Wobbly, The
 Private Enterprise Forever
 Reactionary Rondeau
 Rebel Girl, The
 Red Flag, The
 Right To Suffer Blues
 Rock-A-Bye Baby
 Scabs Crawl In, The
 Si Mi Quieres Escribir
 Slaving In A Factory
 Socialist Round
 Solidarity Forever
 Soup Song
 Study War No More
 Tarriers Song
 There Is Power In A Union
 They're Talking War
 This World
 To Hell With Academic Freedom
 Union Maid, The
 Union Train
 United Front Song
 United Nations, The
 Viva la Quince Brigada
 We Have Fed You All for A
      Thousand Years
 We Shall Not Be Moved
 When the C.I.O. Is In
 When the Revolution Comes
 When This Strike Is Over
 Which Side Are You On
 Whirlwinds of Danger
 Workingmen, Unite
 Youthful Guardsmen, The


 Arson, Rape & Bloody Murder
 Ballad of Pete Seeger, The
 Bill Bailey
 Blow the Bloody Bugle
 Break the News to Mother
 British Workman's Grave, The
 Capitalism Makes It So
 Capitalist Parties, The
 Cloakmakers Union, The
 Collectivegrad, Odessa and the
      Vladivostok, The
 "Communist's" International
 Daily Worker, The
 Follow Our Collective Leaders
 Friend of the Czar
 Fugue for Russian Experts
 Good Old Party Line, The
 Government, Indirect, The
 I Don't Want To Be A Soldier
 I'm A Dialectic Dope
 I'm An Old Exile
 In Old Moscow
 Instead Of
 I Want To Marry A Trotskyite
 It's Sister Jenny's Turn To Throw
      the Bomb
 Labor Leader Song
 Last International, The
 Legion of Ex-Socialists
 Let's Go Make Mamie
 Lord High Fink, The
 Love Will Be Sweeter Under
 Man That Waters the Workers
 Max the Knife-Mild Mannered
 Max the Knife-When I Was A
 Mikado and Mechayeh Skit
 My Bonny
 My Fair Party Skit
 New Talking Union Blues
 Old Bolsheviks Song
 Our Line's Been Changed Again
 Parallel Centre, The
 Party Line, The
 Prosecutors Find A Witness
 Sanitary Bomb
 Show Me - The Shachtman Song
 Sixteen Books-Song of the
      Prophet Isaac D.
 Song of the Fellow Traveller
 Song of the FBI Agents
 Song of Francis Piddle-Attorney
 Song of Impartial Hearing
 Stalin Anthem-Before and After
 Stalin-Why I Did It
 Stassen Song
 Talking Stalin Blues
 That Trotskyite Mammy of Mine
 Three Agents of the POUM
 20th Party Congress Skit
 Ultimate Sectarian, The
 Uncle Sammy
 Unite for Unity
 Way Down In Lublanka Prison
 Which Side Are We On
 Yay, Hooray
 "Z" Song, The


 Battle of Jerico
 Blue Tall Fly, The
 Buffalo Gals
 Careless Love
 Cowboy's Lament, The
 Down In the Valley
 Drunken Sailor, The
 Eddystone Light, The
 Ezeklel Saw the Wheel
 Fireship, The
 Foggy, Foggy Dew
 Frankie and Johnny
 Henry Martin
 Home On the Range
 John Brown's Body
 Mary, Don't You Weep
 Midnight Special
 On Top of Old Smoky
 Red River Valley
 Riddle Song
 Rye Whiskey
 St. James Infirmary, The
 Sweet Betsy From Pike
 Wayfaring Stranger, The
 Whole World Over, The


 Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me
 Certainly, Lord
 Constitution Song, The
 Freedom, Oh
 Hallelujah, I'm A-Traveling
 Hold On
 How Did You Feel
 I Know We'll Meet Again
 I'm Gonna Sit At the Freedom
 I'm So Glad
 Old Freedom Spirit
 Round, Round Jim Crow's Grave
 This Little Light of Mine
 Walking For Freedom
 We Are Soldiers in the Army
 We Shall Overcome
 Which Side Are You On
 Woke Up This Morning